welcome to the world, funkidoo!

9 06 2011

Welcome to funkidoo. The aim of this blog is to share ideas on the activities I do with my children. Children learning through play is my passion and I want my children to enjoy their childhoods. Too many children are growing up with lots of toys yet still claim to be bored. I’m guilty of buying lots of toys and using the television to entertain mine so this isn’t about being a perfect mother who makes fairy cakes, has a spotless home and still has time to iron underpants whilst engaging her children in exciting play activities. (My house is probably feeling a bit neglected since I had children!). I’ll hopefully be adding regular activities we’ve done which will inspire you to use the toys, books and paints you probably already have. But having two children, three cats, one boyfriend and a volunteer job as well as planning on going back to work as a childminder shortly may slow things down. We’ll see though…




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