ice cream shop

9 06 2011

As the weather has been so hot and we’ve set up our play kitchen as a beach shop it seemed like a natural extension to create an ice cream shop. I have a “Discovery Box” which gets filled with a variety of things linked to whatever theme I’m working on. This was filled with scented playdough (almond, strawberry and banana), some cardboard cones and beads for sprinkles. I also included a couple of plastic chopping boards, cups, spoons, scoops and three little bread tins for scooping the ice cream out. Lots of the items came from Tiger which is my new favourite shop for buying things!

Scented homemade playdough made the experience more interesting.

This is the recipe I used for making play dough and it really is simple. I’ve always bought it before but after making this I think I’ll be making my own from now on. The bought stuff has too many colours which all end up mixing together!

No Cook Scented Playdoh

You will need:
•1 cup of flour
•½ cup of salt
•2 tablespoons of cream of tartar
•1 tablespoon oil
•1 cup of boiling water
• Food flavourings
• Food Colouring
Mix the ingredients together except for the flavourings and colourings. Divide the mixture into separate pots and add your choice of flavourings and colourings to make a range for the children to play with. You could use almond, vanilla, orange and lemon extracts. Extracts have stronger scents so a couple of teaspoons will make the dough lightly scented. Food Essences aren’t as strong so you could end up adding a whole bottle. I used half a bottle of strawberry essence and it smelt lovely!




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