horsey, horsey, don’t you stop….

11 06 2011

After visiting a friend recently I watched LBM play with a hobby horse. He had a fantastic time running up and down their hall pretending to ride his horse. He’s been continuing with this play at home using his own small broom but got his hands on the mop when it had it’s head removed. It’s got a lovely bend like a tail at the end so in a rush of creativity I thought I’d make him his own one. It was surprisingly easy to make the head and involved no cutting at all. I used the packaging from an Amazon book delivery and simply opened it out and folded it in half. The nose was taped around to secure it using packaging tape and tissue paper from and ELC craft pack was stuck on the neck using double sided tape. The only cutting was for the ear shapes and the end of the ribbon used to make the harness I made sure the ribbon was long enough to go round his neck so he could have two hands spare but still ride the horse safely, and tied it securely. Tooter (as he was christened) has been a great addition to our family as he’s so easy to feed. Mucking out has been a bit harder as I’ve been picking bits of his mane up off the floor for a week now…




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