five a day the easy way

16 06 2011

After finding the idea for a garden sensory box I thought I’d create one. The idea I found on Modern Parents Messy Kids included black beans for soil and vegetables made from egg boxes. As I started to put it together I realised finding that many beans and the time to make the vegetables was going to more time consuming than giving LBM the real thing to play with. I filled one of his tubs with potting compost and stuck small carrots with their tops still attached (thank you m&s for that. Your convenience food really is just that). Granddad had given us some lettuces so I planted them and added a few packets I’d made with beans in them to plant. A water spray, gloves, gardening tools and a few pots completed the sensory experience.

It didn’t go according to plan! He barely got his hands dirty as soon as he discovered there were raw carrots to be had. The next five minutes were spent with him pulling up the carrots, rinsing them in a bowl of water and eating them like a little starved rabbit. Five a day covered without meaning to!!  Whilst the aim of this was to give him a sensory experience which would help him understand about growing food and let him play in mud, he ended up getting something completely different out of it. It turned into a fantastic opportunity to develop his hand muscles for writing in the future. Using the snippers to cut the lettuce  and using the spray water bottle to squirt the lettuce and large areas of the kitchen wall all helped him develop further control of his hand muscles for literacy. A different focus to what I’d had planned.

We’ll be doing this again because the real sensory experience came from eating the carrots. He thought it was fantastic eating “freshly grown” vegetables and I was quite happy with that too!




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