more recycling

16 06 2011

As LBM loves transporting things (a very clear schema if you know about such things – Chris Athey coined the term) I often find ways of encouraging learning using things with wheels. Many people assume that it’s a boy thing and that he likes playing with cars but he also carries a bag EVERYWHERE he goes so actually it’s all about moving things from A-B. Not that he often has things in his bag…

Sticking with my recycling theme I piled a load of Duplo and Ella’s Kitchen lids in the middle of the floor and then we set up a recycling centre. It included round and square “bins” and he had to sort the pile into not only colours but also into shapes. This could easily be simplified into either colour or shape for younger children. The rubbish truck and the tractor allowed him to transport from A-B whilst problem solving and reinforcing shape and colour knowledge. I love creating activities like this because if I’d asked him to sort the shapes into groups he’d have got bored quickly and found something else to do. This way he spent ages collecting things, fitting them into the truck which is a problem in itself, and delivering them to the right bin. The downside was that I get to tidy up the recycling at the end of the day…I’ve yet to find a way of making that interesting for me!




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