A is for alphabet pot

17 06 2011

These are our Alphabet Pots. Alphabet Pots have been one of those things that take quite a long time to put together and you really have to search around to find the right type of things. I’m sure I’ve spent more than if I’d bought them from an early years supplier but it’s been fun anyway! The aim is to collect lots of little items and sort them into the initial letter pot. Appeals to a toddler desire to play with things, to sort and to categorise thus achieving both letter knowledge and problem solving at the same time. Finding 26 pots can be hard work and after eating a few Innocent Veg Pots and realising that at £3.50 a go this was going to get costly (even if I was getting healthier) I emailed them and asked if they had any to recycle. They did.

The next stage is to add an upper and lower case letter to each pot, an alphabet sticker which I stuck on a laminated card using pretty cardstock and then put the items in. As you can see some letters are easier to find items for than others Letters such as U are much harder. Still, Upsy Daisy has her uses and gets played with more in this pot than she did when she was in the toy basket.

PS – If you want to know what is in the pots and are stuck for inspiration let me know.





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