peely wally

17 06 2011

I recently found the book called Peely Wally by Kali Stileman and love everything about it. The story is simple, the illustrations bright (and easily copyable  by children) and it really encourages early literacy skills as children get to trace the path of the egg through the story. I bought egg shaped cards (cutting things like that out take time and mine look more like cracked eggs) and white stickers which LBM got to colour in. He loved this bit even going so far as to use three pens at once to create interesting coloured dots. The next step involved peeling off the stickers and putting them on the card which helps develop fine motor skills – another good way of developing literacy skills – and we made loads of Peely Wally eggs.


We made some pictures of Peely Wally and her baby to go inside the cards with fingerpaints and googly eyes and stuck them inside. This is a favourite book now for both of us. Me, because I like the story and the way children have to trace their finger over the eggs path and LBM because the words Peely Wally sound fun. I’d recommend this book for so many reasons!




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