the very hungry caterpillar – activity 1

17 06 2011

We’ve done many activities with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We have a story sack to bring the book to life which has the caterpillar and butterfly hand puppets and the right number of fruit and foods he eats. As LBM has begun learning numbers and can count to ten consistently (he’s 3)  this is an obvious choice of a book when it comes to engaging children in counting and reinforcing one to one correspondence which is a vital stage in learning to count. (one item counts for one number every time) I was lucky enough to find plastic food trays with five compartments in them and numbered them using pictures from the internet. The tray was a hit especially as you can’t quite fit the five oranges in it and one pops out every time you manage to get them all in! My plan had been for him to use the same tray for each separate fruit and see how different it looked when filling it with only one apple or with four strawberries etc. It was all going to be one to one correspondence practice and visually seeing how one item corresponded with a number. However, I ended up making plastic trays for each fruit so it’s easier to to sort them into the right numbers. Finding a tray with four compartments was hard work – eating the dips was less hard…These trays will be useful for any kind of counting and I think I’ll use them in the future when we start considering mathematical concepts like taking away and adding (not till after school age though!)The Very Hungry Caterpillar Part 1




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