A Gruffalo Hunt

31 08 2011

Last summer I spied that our local bookshop was going to have a visit from The Gruffalo with the launching of a new Julia Donaldson book. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a Gruffalo hunt and spent time with the computer and The Gruffalo website and planned a few visits around the local area before we ended up in the bookshop to find the Gruffalo. LBM was the mouse and had to wear a mouse badge. He then had clues read out to him and had to find the fox (hiding under our sofa), the owl (hiding in the local churchyard up a tree), The snake (in a local park) and finally onto the bookshop to find The Gruffalo.

The experience was probably electrifying for a 2 year old. When we got to the bookshop I asked him to find a Gruffalo. He was happily looking for the book when he suddenly noticed the massive Gruffalo that had just walked past him. His reaction was a mixture of terror and awe. He didn’t let go of me or his Grandma but also couldn’t take his eyes off the Gruffalo. That really was bringing a story to life!!

Apparently you can hire the suit (only for events) and I’ve seriously considered arranging a Gruffalo hunt in the woods for other parents to bring their children to – it’s another great way of getting children out and about physically as well as taking literature outside. One day when I have the time I might just try it!





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