Gilbert in Deep

6 09 2011

Choosing books for boys has always been important to me (I even did my dissertation on it back in the 90s) so having two sons and only having boys to look after as a childminder means it remains just as important. In general boys supposedly don’t enjoy reading as much as girls but I think it’s reading schemes that put them off. The stories just aren’t exciting at school. In my experience pre-school boys are happy to listen to any story. There is such a wide range of picture books available before boys start school that I’m struggling these days to find ones that they reject. So far none and I’ve got at least 100 in one book basket alone! I do try and have books that appeal to all children and these include books with dragons, knights, pirates and vehicles of some sort as well as sharks.  Sharks do go down well with LBM.

There is a series of books by Jane Clarke and illustrated by Charles Fuge about a shark called Gilbert. LBM likes the Gilbert in Deep one best so another idea was born to bring the book to life. By using things we had in the dressing up suitcase and the sand pit toys we made an underwater sea picture and retold the story. The puppet’s a brilliant Chopper Chums one from the Manhattan Toy Company with tactile teeth and only around £10. LBM enjoyed being a diver so much and feeling as if he was watching the action underwater. It’s probably about time I did this activity again because it engaged his creativity, love of sharks and continues to keep his enjoyment of books alive and well.




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