Sensory Alphabet

7 09 2011

Sticking things to glue is always fun when you’re a child (and covering your hands in PVA and then peeling it off when it’s dry is also just as fun!) so turning it into a literacy activity was something I was bound to do eventually. There are lots of ideas for alphabet collages but I was writing a training course for sensory ideas at the time and started thinking about using all the senses to create an alphabet. It was also a cheap idea as I decided to use whatever I had in the cupboard – the kind of things you have that are out of date and you won’t mind using a bit of. I tried to find things that LBM could taste, smell or touch mainly. This kind of activity could be good for visually impaired children too if you find something to trace around the letter outline and raise it up for them to feel. The smell and touch is strong on a lot of the items I ended up using so you don’t need to be able to see to get involved.

I created an alphabet using WordArt on PowerPoint with a font that had a wide enough outline. You can download it here Sensory Alphabet (I think – bear with me on this as creating workable downloads is new to me! If not century gothic works well). I had to think hard about what I could use for each letter and then concluded 26 letters was a lot for a preschool child to manage in even a month so gave up on the tricky ones like x and z. LBM will never notice!! The plan was for him to use a spreader to trace the letter using PVA glue and then to stick something on the paper beginning with that letter after smelling or tasting it. He stayed involved up until letter i when the lolly got the better of him again (see the post on Kid Tea if you want to see how much LBM enjoys an ice lolly!). We’ll continue to build our sensory alphabet because it prompted some lovely links from him such as the “C is for coffee like Grandma” who does enjoy a cup or two. Mmm – maybe W for wine would work too!?!

  1. A – Almonds
  2. B  – Black Pepper
  3. C – Coffee
  4. D – Dessiccated Coconut
  5. E – Egg (messy and shiny when it dries)
  6. F – Feathers
  7. G – Gravy
  8. H – Herbs
  9. I – Ice Lolly
  10. J – Jam
  11. K – Special K (a hard letter to find something for)
  12. L – Lentils
  13. M – Marmite (you either love it or you hate it!)
  14. N – Nuts
  15. O – Oats
  16. P – Pasta
  17. Q – Quinoa
  18. R – Rice (this was brilliant mixed with PVA)
  19. S – Sugar
  20. T – Tea
  21. U – ANY IDEAS?!
  22. V – Vaseline
  23. W – Wool (could be red wine now as we painted with that on holiday)
  24. X – x from alphabet pasta if you have time to find and sort them
  25. Y – Yoghurt
  26. Z – (ANY IDEAS – I didn’t have any zebra skin lying around)











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