Octonauts – Explore! Rescue! Protect!

8 09 2011

The Octonauts have played a role in LBM and my lives since they first aired on CBeebies. We’ve been waiting for the toys to come out since before Christmas 2010 and I was wondering if he’d started to grow out of them. No such luck! We’ve been buying the books and LBM’s baby brother bought him an original Meomi Octonauts book when he was born – not quite the same as the CBeebies version but good nonetheless. We’ve been reading them often and have to now wait for the Octoalert from one book to sound three times before I’m allowed to turn the page and carry on the other stories. Talk about bringing a story to life!

The Octonauts also took ages to launch their website but it’s up and running now at http://www.theoctonauts.com/ with games to develop mouse and keyboard control. The only thing LBM asks to play on the computer now are the Octonuats games and each time you succeed at one you are awarded an animal for your ocean as well as sheet to a print out. I’ve been busy with my laminator (and playing the games once he’s gone to bed!) and we have a small activity bag with the vehicle, team and animal cards as well as an underwater scene and four characters free on the front of a CBeebies magazine. However, a trip through the toy department on the way to the bus stop resulted in the acquisition of one of the new toys. Captain Barnacles is LBM’s favourite so he ended up making his way into our shopping bags after LBM wouldn’t be parted from the box.

It was inevitable that I would be involved in making something for LBM to play with this afternoon so a sea sensory box was created. Green gravel from the fish shop, sea animals from our animal box and two watering cans of water all went into a plastic box. An hour and half later LBM finally joined us in the lounge with slightly cold hands and remarkably dry clothes. He had played without interruption even for food and had managed somehow to keep the water pretty much in the box. The gravel was a different story but the whole box had been a massive hit. It ticked so many boxes for him – creative retelling of the stories and episodes he’d seen, sensory experience with the water and gravel, problem solving as he ended up scooping gravel from pot to pot using a small spoon. A successful afternoon’s play with toys I think will be high on his list of things to do tomorrow.






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