Gingerbread Men and Biscuit Bears Part 1

13 09 2011

LBM rushed in to the kitchen yesterday demanding that we made gingerbread men. I’m not one to say no to a request like that (I have no idea where his idea came from though) so we started baking. Luckily BBL was asleep so making a kitchen mess wasn’t a problem. I found the first recipe I could on Waitrose’s website but I wouldn’t recommend it as it made a really crumbly dough. Mind you, I’ve done gingerbread before and the same thing happened. Must be me or gingerbread in general. Baking is such a good way to expand a child’s understanding of the world. It involves measuring, scooping and weighing which are all good for PSRN. Stirring is even good for physical development as is kneading the dough, rolling it out and using cutters. KUW comes from seeing how ingredients change from one thing into another and it’s an opportunity to talk about where ingredients come from.

I won a Yellow Door Gingerbread Man resource pack for a blog I wrote for the National Literacy Trust –  It’s quite a useful tool when it comes to involving books in activities because it comes with a set of cards which are easier to use in the kitchen. LBM retold the story whilst I set about finding ingredients. We weighed them together, made a bit of mess, heated some things in a saucepan and then eventually got to roll out our crumbly dough. (adding water slowly eventually created a reasonable dough but until someone gives me a good recipe I’m not making them again!) Another great book that’s I’ve done more activities on is Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey hence the inclusion in the title. LBM stacked the cutters up and talked about the circus which Biscuit Bear creates extending the literacy aspect of the activity.

Baking’s great if you do it just before lunch so you have pudding and when BBL woke up he was treated to a Gingerbread Man which he carefully dissolved all over himself. Lovely.




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