Gingerbread Men and Biscuit Bears Part 2

13 09 2011

Another request for Gingerbread men was raised this morning but I didn’t have the patience to make the crumbly dough again. A better alternative was playdough. I love making playdough now I’ve discovered a no-cook recipe and can make it smell of different things. There are currently two for LBM to choose from – cinnamon or chocolate. No-Cook playdough recipe link here He chose both! I added the pots of beads so he could decorate them and it’s a chance to develop fine motor skills by picking up the small beads and sticking them where he wants them to go. After a short struggle picking them up off the lid LBM resolved the issue by tipping them on the table. Ingenious and as they bounced off the table also entertaining (for him at least!).

They all turned out surprisingly characterful and cheery little things. I’m wondering how I can preserve them but fear the beads will melt if I try and bake them. They’d make ideal Christmas presents!




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