Gingerbread Men and Biscuit Bears Part 3

13 09 2011

Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey is one of those books you wish you’d read when you were little. The idea of biscuit bears coming to life and making their own circus in your kitchen would have made your childhood just that little bit more magical. I’ve read this to LBM so many times because we both like it and it was one of the first books where he started underlining words with his finger and “reading” them. We did this activity a while back with LBM’s cousin and one of the children I was childminding at the time. It’s another activity which involved shed loads of sugar as children don’t seem to have an awareness of what a combination of icing, sugar shapes and smarties will do to their teeth or their parent’s attempts to keep them eating a healthy balanced diet. I’m all for including foods like this in my children’s diets because they also eat everything I put in front of them unless they’re not hungry. Both my children really do eat anything including anchovies and broccoli (not together obviously) and we walk or scoot everywhere as we don’t have a car. And you can’t make biscuits without eating sugar anyway.

Biscuit Bear was read to the children whilst they decorated their already cooked biscuits. I didn’t think it was fair for them to make biscuits and then wait another 20 minutes or so before they could decorate them – it’s one of the reasons why Horace in the book keeps missing out on eating Biscuit Bear. You can see for yourself just how sugar laden they were and almost too beautiful to eat!

The photos were taken using toy packaging I’d kept because so many toys come in ready made play packaging which often gets ignored and thrown away. They look all the better for appearing to be hiding in the woods.





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