Colour Me Happy

16 09 2011

This isn’t a brilliant book and didn’t prompt me create my activities today. Rather, I had the activity in mind and then thought I’d like to link it to a book about colour. I’d recently done some painting with LBM and his cousins and used a Charlie and Lola book about colour which showed how mixing all colours together make brown. Pretty much what started happening today too. I’d made some coloured ice cubes with food colouring to use in the bath but LBM and BBL’s dad decided to silicone it today so no baths for anyone for the next 24 hours. Mmm nice.

I wanted to use the ice cubes though and see how they’d worked out so decided to give ice cube painting a go. The tongs were included because it isn’t the height of summer and drawing with ice would make for some chilly fingers. Plus using tongs is pretty good for developing fine motor control. LBM was keen to get started on getting the ice cubes out and even keener to bash them and crush them with the tongs. All’s fair in love and artistic endeavour so that’s what he did. The resulting melt was a bit too pale in colour for my liking. I think you need to add lots of food colouring to get a good bright colour but it might be to the detriment of the variety of colours I was trying to create. It would be worth considering using watercolour anyway unless you have children who are keen on putting things in their mouth. BBL joined the fun and after holding an ice cube for a while he sucked it. Probably not what he was expecting in taste but it’s all great for his knowledge of temperature.

The left over melt water in the ice cube tray was interesting too so we rounded the activity off using pipettes (another good fine motor control idea) to splash colour onto the paper. Much brighter as the food colouring was at the bottom when I filled them with water. As you can just about see on the bottom picture there was still a lot of brown created though. If I try this again I’ll definitely be making the colours richer and therefore more rewarding to paint with. The unused ice cubes are back in the freezer and the next bath anyone gets will have a couple thrown in to make it more colourful. If we’re allowed baths that is.




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