Vegetable Glue

16 09 2011

Another of my favourite books I’ve discovered since having LBM is Vegetable Glue by Susan Chandler. It’s a beautifully illustrated book with a great rhyming text about why you should eat vegetables. The best thing about it is that the illustrations are soft and gentle but the text appeals to boys as well – “Oops, pardon me I’ve made a rude sound. My bottom’s dropped off and is now on the ground” always raises a giggle in our house. With one of LBM’s friends round today and some slightly wrinkly vegetables looking forlorn in the fridge I thought it was about time to try some vegetable printing and link it to Vegetable Glue. I know apples aren’t strictly vegetables but I keep being given windfalls and can only cook a limited number of apple dishes.

After reading the story, laughing at the burping and bottom bits, I introduced the idea of vegetable printing. LBM and his friend decided the peppers needed to be deseeded first so after lots of bashing the table was covered in seeds and we could now print. LBM got bored quite quickly with the printing but happily decided finger painting fruit was just as good. LBM’s friend ended up sticking some of the pepper seeds to her picture with glue which means they both chose to add their own creative touches to the experience. BBL could get involved too so chewed a piece of green pepper and apple and tasted a large handful of paint. As long as it’s non-toxic then it’s all good.  I think I’ll try this again because the prints you get from okra and baby sweetcorn have sweet little flower shapes and apples feel really nice to print with too. And they did eat some vegetables too even if the carrots were for lunch.




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