Number Sorting

18 09 2011

A useful activity to do with children of all ages (who are passed the mouthing stage of things that they might choke on) is to give them items to sort. Some children really love sorting and demonstrate it in their play all the time whilst others need encouragement. LBM is one of the second type. He was never a toddler who spent time classifying and organising items like some of his friends who lined up cars or happily transferred items from one pot to another. This activity did catch his attention though and I couldn’t say why.

Stacking cups are useful for many reasons – these ones have been on at least three holidays because they make great sandcastles and bath toys too whilst not taking up much space. I laid them out and even though the written numbers were upside they all have an image showing the number either with dots or small icons. I poured out the box of magnetic letters and left him to sort them himself. He chose to sort sometimes by the number, sometimes by colour and sometimes by the pattern on the number. He even tried adding an item for each number but as 8 and 9 are very small pots that didn’t work quite so well. Whichever way he sorted though will have helped him develop his number recognition and classifying skills. It’s such a simple idea and I love my stacking cups!




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