Alphabet Box

19 09 2011

At the moment I think I love my alphabet box more than LBM. I bought the magnetic letters on Ebay and was determined to be the winner of the auction because they were so colourful and even better, cursive. I haven’t been able to find nice magnetic letters to buy but whatever set you have this is a great idea for them which doesn’t clutter up your fridge. It also means BBL doesn’t pick them off and carry them around the house in his mouth. I got the idea from a very good book about encouraging and teaching children to write called The Write Start . It took me a while to put it together though as I was searching for a baking tray that would either fit in the box or which I wouldn’t get annoyed at having to store out all the time. Then I had a brainwave. Magnetic paint. We have a wall in LBM’s bedroom which has it on and the door to the cupboard under the stairs and there was some left over. I painted the top and bottom of the box on the outside and was ready to go.

LBM has played with it and I’ve used it to spell words out whilst we eat. It’s one of those things which I think will become more useful as time goes on and will help when he goes to school next year (I’m already crumbling at the idea of him being that grown up!) I added the laminated words afterwards as they are amongst my favourite kind of words. Who want’s to spell cat and dog all the time when there’s so much more fun to be had with words like gurgle or wriggle? The alphabet box helps with letter recognition, copying a pattern, vocabulary and developing an understanding that all those individual letters can be used to spell a million different words. Colourful and educational fun.




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