Colour Pots

21 09 2011

BBL is a very busy baby and explores just about anything he can get his hands onto.  I’d almost forgotten about the colour pots I put together for LBM but we found them today whilst he was looking for his tape measure to see how wide the telly was (2.10 apparently). These are a simple idea and you probably don’t even need to use the pots to put them together. Bowls, baskets or a pile of toys you then sort by colour with your baby. Spending time sorting and letting them explore new items all help a baby develop an understanding of their environment. You talking about colours and naming the items helps develop language skills.  There are a variety of textures in them as not everything is plastic – rubbery animals, wooden balls and soft toys extend the experience slightly. The coloured pencils are from an educational supplier They’re quite expensive for what they are but they can be used in many ways. Already this morning they’ve been used as rockets and missiles by LBM to throw into boxes. I think I do prefer them already grouped into colours though because it has a stronger visual impact for a baby to see all the tones of one colour. I suspect we’ll keep these out for a while and until BBL can speak and identify colours using the pointers. 




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