Duplo Number Towers

25 09 2011

Duplo is one of those toys with endless uses – creating, building, sorting,  fine motor control development, counting …it’s brilliant for helping children get their heads round a very abstract concept. I recently subscribed to Junior Magazine and got a free gift which was a Duplo number set. I love it more than the children I think. Making number activities fun isn’t something I recall from my own childhood so I do try and add little twists to them to keep LBM’s attention. I got all the builder characters together, put the men at work sign up and told LBM we were going to build towers but first needed to put the foundations down. This then meant finding all the picture blocks and getting them in the right order. Then we put the door numbers on which meant finding the right numbers to match the foundations and finally we added the floors to the towers.

There was a bit of mummy involvement with picking the colours because I think its more visually apparent how the numbers are broken down when the colours aren’t abstract themselves. I wish I’d been able to play with numbers like this when I was young because I really didn’t enjoy the maths as much as I do now!




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