The Owl and the Pussycat

29 09 2011

Today we went to the Grandparents again to use their garden so I took a different bag of things – our outside play bag. As we don’t have a garden I’ve ended up having outdoor toys stored in a bag that can be taken to parks or outdoor spaces when we go out. It has a variety of things in it and they get rotated in and out if I have a plan (I removed kites, cones, balls and mini tennis rackets today as there was little chance of wind or me mustering up the energy to play football or tennis!) When we got into the garden I lay the parachute out and blew up the boat (I felt lightheaded so I must remember to add a pump which would also help with the balls). LBM happily played around pretending to be at sea whilst I made it ripple. Lots of fun. After raiding the Grandparents book collection for anything sea like I could only come up with a Secret Seahorse book – a nice one but it’s about under the sea stuff and we were sailing. I ended up having to recite The Owl and the Pussycat as best I could. LBM chose to be the pussycat and when BBL joined us he had no choice but to be the owl (I guess that makes me either a pig or a turkey – great)

They played in the boat together climbing in and out and feeling the rough seas of the parachute and had a lovely time. At least they packed a bit more sensibly than the Owl and the Pussycat as it looks like BBL had his mobile phone with him.




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