Circle Play

21 10 2011

I haven’t done this type of activity very often but actually – it’s really simple, a great idea and helps with a baby’s development. It’s also easy because you’ll probably have lots of suitable things around the house that aren’t even toys. I basically gave BBL a selection of circles to play with and explore. There are so many learning opportunities – big, small, hard, soft (the edges on the cogs are foamy). Cold metal, warm wood, smooth edges, textured edges, cardboard, plastic. Some have small holes in the middle, some have none, some have huge ones. You can see where I’m going with this and include whatever you can find that’s circular and safe. Your baby learns about the continuous line of a circle exploring with their fingers and mouth. This is an exploration in 2D shape which can then be extended if you were to give them a pile of different sized and textured balls – think soft balls, hard balls, oranges etc. This is easier though as they don’t roll away. This type of exploration can be themed with shapes or textures – wood, metal, fabric and allows a baby to fully understand the nuances in colour or texture of the same material. Activities like this are worth repeating regularly and give you an opportunity to help develop language too. Describing how things feel, look, sound, taste and even smell will have positive benefits too.

The circles do still get tested for gravity though and BBL is continuing his experiments just to be sure that when you drop something it does hit the floor – today he’s purposefully dropped pieces of toast, his hat and pine cones. I think he is developing a good cause and effect understanding and can report back that every time he drops something, it hits the ground and it causes mummy to pick it up. Not sure what all this is teaching me though but I think it’s that I don’t have the patience of a saint!




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