Frank was a Monster…

25 10 2011

…who wanted to dance. This is the title of a very simple book about a Frankenstein like monster who wants to dance, has a go and ends up unzipping his brain and eyes onto the floor whilst dancing. Nicely gruesome for small boys and Halloween. It is written with American spellings and has the dubious rhyme of France and pants but you can get round that by using a Northern accent…

In order to bring the book to life I made some purple slime and added a few eyeballs to make it a bit more realistic and grim. The slime is surprisingly easy to make – recipe below. Two small boys have spent a happy half an hour this afternoon searching for eyeballs and then collecting them in muffin tins or silicone muffin cases. I think the addition of a few worms would have been good but I forgot to get them out of the discovery box.

Slime Recipe

8oz PVA glue (one of those small bottles from somewhere like the ELC is perfect.)

1 cup water

food colouring

1 cup tap warm water

1 and half teaspoons borax (bought mine on Ebay as I have no idea where to get it from otherwise!)

1. Mix the PVA, food colouring and water in one bowl. Use as much food colouring as you want to get a strong colour.

2. Mix the warm water and borax together in another bowl.

3. Pour the coloured mixture into the borax mixture and stir constantly.

You will produce a weird swirly mess which looks quite separated and wet with a small amount of water left over. Pick the large mass out and knead hard onto a greaseproof surface (I put mine straight onto a granite worktop which seems to work but use greaseproof paper otherwise) and you’ll end up with slime. I’ve made this an accidentally forgotten to add the food colouring until the second stage. It doesn’t make much difference other than a mottled texture for a while which isn’t a bad thing.

The slime moves slowly and left to it’s own devices will gently ooze off of a table onto the surface below. I’ve ended up with several chairs with pooling slime on as it drips off the table before I remember to clean it up. It’s easy to pick up off a painted or varnished surface but does stick to clothes. It comes off in the washing machine though which is always nice!

It also seems to last a couple of months in a sealed container but becomes spectacularly runny and difficult to wash off fingers if you leave it too long. It’s great fun though and has been a part of a trick or treat game we’ve been playing this week too.




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