Animal Soup

28 10 2011

Another Halloween activity we’ve done this week involved making potions and soup using gruesome items. There is a book called Animal Soup where a little boy disappears into his bowl and his witch mummy has to search through lots of animals before she finds him again. We did a very simple activity of hiding animal shaped silly bandz into a bowl of tinned spaghetti. LBM had to find the animals and use the tongs to get them out. It was reasonably fun and using the tongs helped develop fine motor skills. However, it was a bit limited though so with some creative child input LBM ended up making a rather green and messy soup which used the rubber bandz, the rest of the rinsed cooked spaghetti and a rather large dose of food colouring. The Boyf found the best food colouring in one of the local Turkish food stores and it’s a powder. Highly staining at the time but it makes a really intense colour. LBM had more fun, using the pipettes to move colour from an egg cup to the bowl developed fine motor skills too and the resulting soups looked lovely for Halloween. I shall be serving these to guests from now on.




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