The Fairytale Hairdresser

28 10 2011

I didn’t mean to be stereotypical when I set this scene up but it did coincide with one of LBM’s female friends coming to play. It makes no difference to him though because he accepts anything that’s planned and put in front of him. The day the fairies arrived from ebay he spent the whole day playing with them and they drove a lot of cars and flew a lot of spaceships. Glad to see fairy land doesn’t have an outdated view on women drivers!

I think this kind of play scene is what I would have loved as a child. It’s the rainbow colours and sparkly bits that appeal. If there had been a Strawberry Shortcake doll to add I would have pushed the children out the way to play myself. I’m amazed at how easy this kind of set up is and it’s just collecting stuff you already have and staging it. This one had pink, orange, white and yellow shredded paper and two baking trays with rainbow rice (dyed using food colouring and a little bit of antibacterial hand gel for it’s alcohol setting properties). I added glitter to the rice too and some large glittery purple and silver snowflake confetti. That came off the front of a magazine and I’m always pleased when I can actually find something to do with the free stuff on them.

Then my guests were invited – mini dolls, fairies and plastic animals – to move into the houses (number stacking cubes) and I added a couple of small tupperware pots and scoops for the rice. As it’s autumn there were a few pine cones thrown in for good measure. I’m surprised to say that LBM’s friend didn’t get involved straight away. I’d like to think it was because she was in awe of it! I then read the story of the Fairytale Hairdresser by Abie Longstaff and imaginations were stimulated when I encouraged them to plan for a wedding banquet which extended the story. After that both of them got involved inventing fairy soup and rainbow sandwiches and lots of stories. My favourite line of the day though was when LBM’s friend was having two of the fairies talk and one said to the other “Isn’t your hair adorable?”. Maybe fairy land is still a little bit stereotypical after all.





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7 11 2011
Abie Longstaff

I’m glad you enjoyed my book. I love the idea of a wedding banquet ending the story – the photos look very colourful!

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