Leaf Trouble

2 11 2011

I think the clocks going back mean it really is Autumn now so after last week’s Halloween games and slime we’ve moved on to exploring autumn and the seasonal changes. Leaf Trouble is such a useful book at this time of year so it was out again! Making our own tree shape could have happened but this one was much nicer and free to download (also designed for a wedding so it is a nice shape with a heart in it. Link to it is here¬†http://styleunveiled.com/wedding-fingerprint-tree). A recent walk allowed us to collect lots of the signs of autumn which were also out to explore but the main plan was to use real leaves crushed up to add to this outline. A bit of crushing and gluing later we had a very beautiful autumn tree. I think I’ll printing this tree outline again for Christmas and doing a version covered in snow and baubles and get a whole series of them. I think this looks lovely framed on the black paper too.¬†