Indoor Water Play

13 12 2011

Yesterday afternoon we went to a friend’s house to play and she has lots of toys which involve adding water to them –  enchanted gardens, swimming pools etc. I don’t have any of these toys (which is a big gap I must remedy but that’s the problem with boys. You don’t always think there’s a gap in your toy repertoire involving unicorns and Playmobil people in swimsuits!) It didn’t take long before there were a couple of wet children and a slightly slippery kitchen floor but lots of fun. So today instead of putting my kids in the bath for water play I thought I’d set some up for them indoors.

The arctic animals were sort of linked to the time of year and I gave BBL some warm water in a deep plastic box. He was ecstatic at being able to play with water and took the animals out, threw them back in to make splashes. Took the out and threw them on the towel and had a great time. LBM ended up with a carwash which included some bubbles and sponges to make the washing bit fun and a duster or two to wax and polish afterwards. It took a while for BBL to realise that LBM had different water to play with and once he discovered the bubbles (tasting them for good measure) he turned the car wash into a bath for his animals. Luckily his older brother is understanding and left BBL to play with  both water stations who switched from one to the other rinsing his animals off after covering them in bubbles. It was a really simple play idea and they both had fun. Our carpet also got  little bit cleaner when BBL eventually tipped the water out missing half the towel. Great fun though!