It’s Snowing!

5 02 2012

It’s finally started snowing in the UK – and now LBM thinks it snows every year. It has done since he was born and he’s going to have memories of snow filled winters and wonder why it’s not the same when he grows up. I struggled to get him out of the house this morning as he told me it was going to be too cold. Great knowledge and understanding of snow but it made no difference to me! After layering him into lots of clothes and getting him into his new dragon boots (with flashing lights – bought because Grandma thought converse were inappropriate footwear for the forecast snow) we finally left the house. Two squeezy bottles filled with green food colouring and water were our first mark making tools. Green is the colour du jour and we squeezed it everywhere. LBM walked up and down trailing it,  he squeezed it over the snow, he flicked it and spun round holding the bottle. For a child who had decided it was all too cold I couldn’t get him to stop once he started. The only reason he stopped was because both bottles were used up.

We then moved on to throwing our water balloons – again filled with food colouring and water. They were soooo hard to fill this morning that I almost didn’t want to smash them into the snow! I’d recommend getting water balloons that understand their purpose and actually fill up with water. Mine didn’t like the idea but we got there in the end with me getting splashed several times with the occasional broken one. They didn’t smash straight away either and bounced and rolled about which was just as much fun as they kept slipping out of mittened hands. Eventually we resorted to throwing them on the floor and jumping on them until they popped. The snow looks lovely with bright colours all over it and makes an excellent canvas for making big messy art. Let’s hope the neighbours like it too because it’s all over their snow…




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