Snow Ice Cream

5 02 2012

Snow Ice Cream is something that doesn’t sound risk free – no one likes to eat coloured snow. However, I found a recipe for it on the internet this morning and as LBM was licking snow off his mittens it didn’t seem to be much different to what he was doing anyway. Admittedly we decided to use snow off our roof terrace which was highly unlikely to have met with any animal’s feet or excrete! We collected a small bowl of snow and then added spoonfuls of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a teaspoon of almond essence because the vanilla wasn’t strong enough to overcome the fresh water taste of the snow. LBM stirred it all together with some milk and we had made snow ice cream. It didn’t actually taste as bad as I feared and once LBM had added his choice of sprinkles on top it actually tasted quite nice. LBM had a great time stirring it, commenting that it was melting, changing colour and tasting lovely. There’s science involved in this kind of experiment and it was really nice to end our morning of snow activities with something to eat. I would maybe have preferred hot chocolate though seeing as I was so cold by then.




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