Snow Sculptures

5 02 2012

After struggling to get LBM out of the house to get into the snow, I then had to struggle to get him back in. After we had emptied all of our coloured water over the snow we started making snow sculptures. The easiest one was the faces in the car. I did some last night on the windscreens of cars opposite or in the car park so LBM could see them when he woke up. They look great – even now the one opposite is still there looking at us! As we went for a walk following fox footprints I started making small snowmen, all of which were destroyed by a small boy with dragon boots that needed to attack anything they saw! I ended up making an upside down snowman in the hope he would leave this one alone as it was up high – but he used his mittens instead to smash it down!! It’s all part of the fun of being 3 I guess. You  might not be able to see the dinosaur fossil in the last picture so well but I also took the sand pit moulds outside and made a few snow dinosaur fossils. These too were no match for the dragon boots and were promptly smashed. After nearly an hour in the snow and getting covered in it we started to head back indoors with LBM licking snow off his mittens. Quite a fitting end to our snow play as the final thing we did was to make Snow Ice Cream.




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