3D Chalk – you have to see it to believe it!

12 02 2012

I didn’t really believe this could be true until we tried it this morning. I bought a Crayola outdoor chalk set with 3D  glasses. It’s half price in the Early Learning Centre and I admit even paying half price for some 3D chalks seemed expensive. I had planned on going outside and drawing on the car park and it’s lovely clean tarmac but it was raining (and cold). Apparently that’s more helpful for when you want to clear away any drawings! Black paper works just as well though. We drew some pictures using the chalk and following the instructions to make 3D shapes that worked and it was a great lesson in understanding depth perception. LBM had been wearing the glasses whilst I got dressed this morning (helpfully commenting that my skin looked funny. Mmm maybe I’ll lock the door next time). He spent a while looking at different things around the house like lights which become rainbow rimmed and a pair of scissors that really did become strange looking and as if they were floating.

The chalk pictures were amazing though. A red centre with a blue border really jumped out when you put the 3D glasses on and LBM reached out and tried to pick it up. We did something similar with a circle with a yellow border and a green centre and the frame looked as if it was jumping out. On both occasions it tested both our powers of understanding! We ended up drawing a rocket (well I did) but LBM added the window and then shooting starts which criss crossed through the rocket. Watching him draw whilst wearing the 3D glasses was interesting too because the stars  and rocket overlapped each other. I have to admit to needing to do a bit of research now into the differences between 2D and 3D so I can explain why. That’s the best bit about kids though – they ask you why and sometimes you just don’t know. I’d recommend these chalks though because they have scientific as well as creative value and there’s loads of colours to use. Can’t wait for it to stop raining and warm up now.




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