Octonauts Alphabet

19 02 2012

LBM seems to be like every other child who’s three and really likes the Octonauts. I’m all for building on this interest because it’s one of the best TV programmes for his age group and means he can identify exactly what kind of sea creature it is – “No mummy it’s not a shark. It’s a Lemon Shark”. Admittedly none of us can pronounce Humuhumunukunukuapua’a but we’re working on it! A long time ago I started to develop picture and word alphabets that were linked to a theme and things that children are interested in. A personalised alphabet helps with letter recognition, vocabulary and makes learning relevant. I’ve made alphabets in the past for other children including a Star Wars and a Cars one. I love how films frequently have characters with names that begin with the tricky letters – searching around to find characters beginning with V, Q X and Z are so easy it’s almost as if the creative team behind every film approach character naming by going through the alphabet. Handy!

Anyway – I have created an Octonauts alphabet for LBM to help develop his vocabulary and learn his letters. Some of them aren’t strictly linked to the letter (like the Gups but he wanted to include all of the Gups and I couldn’t fit them all in the box for G.) So far we’ve just used them to talk about the pictures and link the sounds to letters i.e.” B is for…? Barnacles. Can you hear the B at the beginning? “kind of thing. I’ve hopefully attached the links here so you can print them off yourself and share them with any Octonauts fans. If anyone also knows which episodes have Peso playing his xylophone please let me know so I can get a screen shot of it. Finding the image in one of the original books was the best I could get!




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18 04 2012

I just came across your blog because i was looking for Octonauts stuff. I was actually just watching an episode with my son and Peso plays the xylophone in it. It is the marine iguanas one. Its on youtube. Hopefully you can find it if you’re still looking. 🙂

25 04 2012

Thanks – I’ve still been trying to find so I’ll add it. Trying to watch 50 of them, catching the right bit whilst getting on with other things has been hard work!

6 01 2014

Peso plays it also in the episode with the beluga whales when they are trapped under the ice. They end up following him to open water.

Thank you for the alphabet!

3 03 2014

Hi, if you’re still looking foir the Peso image he does play the xylophone in the marine iguana episode 43 series 1 and episode 26 series 1 the buluga whales. My son is a huge Octonauts fan. I would really love to print a copy of this alphabet out for his bedroom wall please. If possible of course.

8 03 2014
Tiffany Ann Larguinho

Peso plays xylophone in the Orca episode i believe …. that or the Narwal maybe?

3 04 2015

check out Netflix, they have the 1st two seasons. my son loves it too & argues with me; he says: “no daddy its Humukupua!!! “

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