Superhero Party

19 03 2012

LBM has reached the grand old Big Boy age of 4. That makes him capable of so many more things (so he tells me!). For a while he didn’t want to to turn four and decided being 3 was better so we had to make sure his birthday party made turning four a good thing. About a week before his party he decided he wanted a superhero theme and I’d been working towards a Cars theme. I suddenly felt like a fairy godmother and his wish came true (and we were in France for the two days before his party so that added to the pressure before his party!)

Food was nice and simple with each plate of party food being given a superhero status. I managed to find some ghost shape crisps in France which children were encouraged to destroy which they gladly did. Each child was sent on three missions instead of standard party games and had them printed out. The first mission involved finding small superheroes in a dark den (no photo’s because they just don’t come out properly.) For some of our party guests this was their first experience of the dark den and they loved it and wouldn’t get out. Glowsticks are currently a £1 for 20 in Poundland.

The second mission was to disarm a bomb. It was a more active version of pass the parcel with less mess. They had to throw the bomb from child to child until an adult shouted bang. Whoever was holding it at the time had to sit down and were out (softened by being given a Milky Way to eat). I liked this game because 8 under 5 year olds had a great time and practised their catching and throwing skills and there was no paper to clear up!

The final mission was the messiest one though as it involved throwing sponges at aliens while the bubble machine blew asteroids. This was one of those games where no-one was a winner or a loser and everyone had fun. One guest enjoyed the game so much he was there for about 10 minutes just throwing his sponges into the bath!

After all the party games we had cake and I’d been given some candles that burnt with different coloured flames. An excellent superhero touch to the mini cupcakes. And almost immediately after LBM decided to hand out his party bag superhero kits which included sweets, superhero disguise masks, a packet of Kool Aid each to make rocket fuel (parents. you’re welcome!) and a glowstick to act as a Positronic Laser (name courtesy of The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man which is LBM’s favourite birthday present book). I think everyone enjoyed themselves – especially me but I’m glad all my kids birthday parties are now out of the way until January next year. They’re so stressful!!





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