Mexican Fiesta

26 07 2015

Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer. Well, one sunny day anyway…

Summer now isn’t how I remember it as a child. I remember sunshine and playing in the garden, lying on grass and listening to bees buzz around the flowers. I seem to have forgotten the rainy days unless they included a rainbow. As an adult, this summer seems to be nothing but rain and very little rainbow!

So, to overcome the dreariness of first full week of the school holidays (a month’s rain fell on Friday!) and make good use of the only sunny day, I created a Fiesta. It’s been planned for a long time – I just needed the sun to shine, for people to be available and to put everything together. And when I say planned, I bought the pinatas in the sale in January so I’ve been hoping for sun for a long long time…

Fiesta Invitation Fiesta Envelope Fringed envelope
















The invites had a fringe and flower made from crepe paper. Inside was the invite, a Lucha Libre paper toy, confetti and a moustache.

If I’d had girls I would have included a Frida Kahlo doll like this one…




The decorations included Papel Picado and flowery bunting. Paper fans, balloons and honeycomb decorations completed the look I wanted. As I said, the pinatas were bought in the sale in January and have been living in our loft since then. Not easy to hide around the house.




Pinata FillersParty Atmosphere The Pinata was filled with sweets, lollies, party poppers, sherbet sticks, water balloons, sound makers (what are they actually called?!), stretchy lizards, rocket balloons and confetti. The pinata was for all party guests to play with but I also created little gift bags just for my three as something to go with their lunch burrito. They included a pencil which had Lucha Libre type masks on it, touchable bubbles, a stretchy lizard, sound maker and a day of the dead keyring. I secretly want those for myself…

Gift Bags










Gift Bags

















Their dad bought them a Burrito from Mission Burrito before the Fiesta started, so their lunch bags included a burrito, Jarritos drink, a straw, bubble gun, beanie baby (iguana or a chameleon) and their gift bag and a handful of tortilla chips.




I designed a couple of chalkboards to advertise what was going to be happening. Note the lack of date or time. I couldn’t trust what day or what time was going to be free of rain! It turned out to be all of Saturday. Yay!

Fiesta chalkboard Bebidas













Our bouncy castle was turned into a Lucha Libre wrestling ring with capes and masks adding to the thrill of bouncing around and slamming your brother into the mat! There were thumb wrestling tattoos and the blue prize bags came from a website called Viva La Frida
Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre


















I included some games like Buckaroo and Pumpaloons to give it a Fiesta feel and if there were any children who weren’t entertained enough by bouncing, hitting, stamping or kicking there were some quiet crafts in the form or paper flowers and bDSC_0280ird finger puppets. Buckaroo














The pDSC_0167inata was great fun with everyone taking a turn starting with the smallest first. When it was eventually broken open they were each given a named paper bag and told to collect three things only. There were quite a few prizes that were left over, so once the latecomers had been given their bags, the rest was shared out. Giving them a bag each and a limit ensured that everyone got a fair share rather than any greedy grabbing!


We also had some dressing up bits so when the kids sat down to eat quesadillas, they made it very bright and colourful with their mini sombreros and glasses frames.
Dress Up









The Fiesta was fun for children and adults alike. The sun finally shone, the garden looked like a rainbow and when it eventually got dark and the remaining children needed to wind down after a day of excitement, there was a choice of DVDs. Today the weather has returned to wet, cool and windy so I think I’m going to put on the Book of Life DVD and wrap up under the duvet with the kids. I’m hoping though, that when my children look back to their childhoods they remember the days full of sunshine and rainbows, not summers under duvets watching TV!Ay Caramba!




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