My name is Lucy Giffen and I’m a mother of two boys as well as being a registered childminder. I trained to be a teacher and never made it into teaching and ended up working in large food companies for about 10 years. When I got pregnant  I took the opportunity to change my career path and start working with children again.

I’ve been a registered childminder since August 2009 and have spent that time broadening my understanding of children and how they develop. I love how children make sense of the world and primarily want children to enjoy their childhoods. The first seven years of a child’s life really should be about play because they learn so much through it. Expecting children to sit down at desks from the age of 4 and “learn” is an idea I just don’t understand. Learning happens all the time and is more likely to stay with a child if the experience is fun, enjoyable, sensory and they can do it where they’re most comfortable.

As I’ve been learning more about the early stages of a child’s development I’ve realised that the first five years are when most of a child’s brain develops. By the time they get to school most of the important learning is already done which is why I want to promote learning through play at home. Most of the time a child doesn’t even know they’re learning but they do know they’re experiencing new and different things which they either like or dislike.

Hopefully this blog will give you ideas on easy things to do with toys, books or items you already have. Often the hardest thing working with children is to find time to plan ideas. These ideas should all be easy to copy and will involve a little bit of planning.

Most important though – have fun and make sure your children do too. Working with children and being a mother is the hardest job I’ve ever done but I love every minute of it!


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